Mountain men


stories from the Tasmanian high country



Mountain Men tells the stories of ten men who lived, worked and played in the Tasmanian high country from 1870 to 1990. Hunters, mineral prospectors, guides, rangers and tourism operators, horse riders and walkers, they all played a role in the development of nature tourism and recreation in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair region. More than just a collection of biographies, the book creates a compelling narrative of the European history of today’s central highlands.

Dan Griffin (1851–1925), William Aylett (1863–1952), Gustav Weindorfer (1874–1932), Paddy Hartnett (1875–1944), Bert Nichols (1878–1950), Ron Smith (1881–1969), Lionel Connell (1884–1960), Dick Reed (1898–1990), Ray ‘Boy’ Miles (1918–1978) and Basil Steers (1927–1997).

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